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Earlier, we exclusively told you the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives was making changes to its controversial report on Ontario's harmonized sales tax. We still don't know what those changes were, with the centre's executive director refusing comment and its co-author not returning our phone call. But an updated version of the report, which was pulled off the centre's Website, has now been posted. And it includes this endnote:

"As a result of reviews following the initial release of the paper, technical issues with the analysis were identified and the paper revised. In addition, the paper as initially released suggested certain conclusions that do not flow from the analysis. The central result - that the tax credits and tax cuts have the effect of offsetting the impact of the increased HST revenue for low-income and moderate-income families and of moderating the impact for other families - holds. This is an updated version (7/01/10) of the report first released 14/12/09."

The endnote is attached to this statement: "Families in a wide range of incomes ($30,000-$90,000) should be better off on average by less than $80 or worse off by less than $65 per year - which, given our assumptions and the limitations of the data, amounts to a wash."

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