Whiteout blackout

Yesterday, we exclusively told you the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives's Ontario office is making changes to its controversial report on that province's harmonized sales tax. But the centre's executive director Bruce Campbell is refusing to say what those changes are. And the study's authors don't seem to be any more forthcoming. When we caught up with University of Toronto research coordinator Andy Mitchell yesterday, he told us, "I'm actually kind of in the middle of something. Can I put you on to my colleague Ernie Lightman?" - the social policy professor who co-authored the study.

But, according to Mr. Lightman's voice mail, he's on sabbatical during the first term of 2010 - something we pointed out to Mr. Mitchell. "Oh, he's around," was the response. "I spoke to him this morning. So if you left him a message he'll get back to you."

As of publication time, Mr. Lightman has yet to return our phone call.

Messrs. Mitchell and Lightman's study found "the majority of Ontarians won't be worse off" when the harmonized tax is implemented, putting the left-wing think tank at odds with the New Democrats.

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