Cruel to be kind?

Kindness may be one reason why provincial New Democrats have been reluctant to express their concerns about Carole James's leadership, according to Laurie Page. Earlier, we reported the former Nelson-Creston constituency association president had circulated an email urging Ms. James to resign so there can be a leadership race. But, in an interview with Public Eye, Ms. Paige said that email hasn't given her sense of how much support there across the province for a change at the top. "And I don't think I'm going to be able to get a sense of that because New Democrats are basically nice people."

"They're going to write me back when they agree with me. If they don't agree with me, a few are going to write back angry letters. But most of them are just going to be quiet. And I think that's the same thing that's happening with Carole," she said. "People are nice. And if they don't agree with her, they're just quietly disengaging. They're not speaking up."

"People don't want to be unkind to her," Ms. Page continued, noting Ms. James is widely seen as a nice person. "And I think that's valuable. We want to be that kind of people. But, on the hand, if it's true that people are disengaging and waiting for a change then maybe it is important that they say that out loud because otherwise it's a waste of effort."

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