An apple for the teacher

British Columbia Chamber of Commerce president John Winter has said provincial New Democrat Carole James is right to put education at the top of her economic agenda. Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Winter said, "I think that's an excellent idea. It recognizes, hopefully, that - even with an economic slump - we still have a serious issue around skills-related shortages."

"We have a demand for a workforce in this province that can't be met, quite frankly, he continued. "We have people who intended to retire that have to stay in the jobs longer than they planned, longer than they intended for a host of reasons - one of which is a demand for that kind of experience and that kind of knowledge that they have and would be taking with them.

"I think education therefore - particularly post-secondary education and very targeted post-secondary education growth - is something that would resonate quite well with the business community."

Ms. James put education at the top of her economic agenda during a speech at November's New Democrat biennial convention.

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