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Despite Carole James's long-standing commitment to consult with the business community, the New Democrats haven't done much to reach out to the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce. And she has yet to speak to the chamber about her month-old plan to hold a series of economic forums across the province. This, according to it's president John Winter.

Ms. James announced those forums at her party's recent biennial convention as part of a promise to consult with "concerned business leaders" about how to "combine a forward-looking business climate with a more equitable society."

She's made similar promises before, dating back to at least 2005.

But, speaking on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Winter stated Ms. James has yet to talk to him about her latest proposal, adding, "We don't have a lot of contact with the NDP - largely by their choice, I guess."

Nevertheless, Mr. Winter lauded those forums as a "neat idea" because they'll allow the party to "expose" their policies to the business community.

"They seem to be silent on many of the key issues that affect business at the local level," he explained. "That's why I think the opportunity to have these regional summits does make so much sense. And, as I said earlier, we'd certainly be willing and able to assist."

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Perhaps it's time the BCNDP realized tilting left = losing elections. Best to change the name, find a new leader (Popham?) and tilt center with a firm warning to the base that Gordon Campbell can do as he pleases if they don't...

But then again common sense, strategic thought & brains are rare in the BCNDP.

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