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Losing weight, getting in shape, quitting smoking - this is the stuff New Year's resolutions are made from. But there's another resolution I'd like you to consider putting on that list. In the recent election, half of you didn't turn out to vote. Of those voters, just 39.08 percent cast ballots in favour of changing our electoral system - a system that has helped elevate the voice of the party over the voice of the people. And, according to a recent Ipsos-Reid Corp. survey, many of you don't even know the names of most of British Columbia's cabinet ministers.

Now that may be a blow to their ego. But it also means the province's politicians can pretty much do what they want because they know you're not paying attention. And, even if you are, it's a good bet you won't do anything about the sorry state of British Columbia politics. So make a New Year's resolution to participate in public life - even if it's only to make life a little less easy for our legislators.

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