Patty's cake

Look who just got appointed to the Industry Training Authority's board of directors! Why it's former Campbell administration minister of state for resort development Patty Sahota. And how much will she be making in that patronage position? Well, the authority's directors receive an annual retainer of $3,000, earning an additional $1,000 to $2,000 if they're chairing a committee. And they make $300 for attending full-day meetings and $150 for attending half-day meetings. Fancy that!



I couldn't thank of anybody more deserving of such a job.

Good for Patty, thanks to mike Dejong she has her first real job since being run out of town in Burnaby-Edmonds. I know she will do a good job and hopefully gets promoted. I would love to see her run for MP somewhere, I think Burnaby-New West is wide open Patty.

It's great to be a "member of the team" and almost5 as good to be a friend of the team. Gordo likes to spead out tqx dollars around to the circle of buddies

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