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Advocates will be preparing their own evaluation of the measures taken by Canada between 1998 and 2007 to protect child rights. The federal government submitted just such an evaluation to the United Nation last month. But, as reported exclusively by Public Eye, the British Columbia section of that report promotes programs that have been since cut by the Campbell administration. And it's been criticized by the province's independent children and youth representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond for omitting key information.


Okay, Sean.

That's nice.

But what will it mean in the end beyond international embarassment?

How will it help these activists have a working relationship with the federal, provincial and local governments they need to have to get the job done? Many of whom are staffed by PMSH, Gordon Campbell and/or Mary Polak fans, BTW.

What can the farcical UN do except use this alternative report to undermine Canada's moral diplomacy on many fronts from sticking up for Israel to keeping the UN from imposing global taxes?

NOT that child poverty is okay, but I feel it's my role as someone who brings a unique POV here to raise it and ask these questions.

I'm happy nobody is responding to my questions. It tells me that I'm raising uncomfortable points. Points these people need to mull over and reconsider. There is always legislative committees at the provincial & federal level to call to account the possibly lying bureaucrats instead of this whine to the ineffectual, failed United Nations.

It would be like me the BCLib fan renting a biplane and flying it over C-FAX studios at say 8:45AM on Sunday mournings with a "BCLiberals Forever" banner to harass the panel and then at 9:15 flooding the Public Eye Online studio with pro-BCLib radio sugary drivel/slobber.

Or like a Russian Bear bomber flying in the Air Defense Identification Zone/ADIZ just to test your defenses.

Or waking Her Maryesty up while screaming "SAVE EIBI - I'M AUTISTIC DAMMIT" at 3 AM over her phone.

Well-intentioned, but nobody would like it. It might just be criminal harassment since it causes harm.

I wish this group would do themselves a favour and support your Prime Minister when he represents you at the UN. My blunt advice: Correct him and his righty staff through channels like I just mentioned, not grandstanding at the UN to create unintended and far-reaching consequences. The UN anyway has a way of undermining traditional values of human rights (e.g. Libya running human rights policing body, blatant anti-Semitism towards Israel), stopping WMD proliferation (e.g. Iran) and undermining efforts to enforce resolutions (e.g. Iraq, Iran). It was also the UN used as an excuse to privatize education in Ontario.

One other thing: Read John Bolton's expose of how raunchy and like the gang called United Nations this United NAtions is. I'll stop there.

Actually some folks don't respond to your prattling along on assorted subjects which usually end up with you telling us all just what a great person one Liberal MLA is. The UN may be slow moving and possibly has way too many sub committees, but what are the options? By the way, I can't recall a actual even of a Russian Bear aircraft entering Canadian airspace.

Thank you Avoter! There is always an election - something the majority of the UN membership doesn't care for.

There is always keeping mum, shutting up and putting up and not interfering in international diplomacy before one becomes a tool for some tyrant or tyrants to bash The West (this has happened and it's sinful). Great going, how disgusting, bloody shameful. All such a stunt will do is make it impossible for these twerps to work with a Conservative government, a Campbell government and local governments full of their supporters.

Let me just be even more painfully blunt: The UN can pass resolutions all it wants, but they normally get defied. I mean, what a waste. Whether or not it's the Iranian & North Korean insubordination on their nuclear programs or Ontario's open defiance under Dalton McGuinty via suspending the tax credits some UN bureaucracy demanded the UN is a joke. Perhaps as well at some point the best thing to do is fight at a local level, get communities to rally around anti-poverty levels and join me in scorn & laughter at the dysfUNctional UN fed lies from most if not all of its members.

I've yet to hear any defense of the UN or whining to them. Oh and the Russian Bear bombers coming back? Go HERE for starters. Of course, the Russians love their tyrants (Lenin, Stalin & Putin) and have a veto on the UN Security Council. Sure wouldn't want to play into their hands, eh?

Thanks for listening those whom are. Important to raise these issues of unintended consequences of spending limited resources to whine to the UN.

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