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In 2006, the ministry of children and family development established an aboriginal elders' council to provide insight into indigenous cultures and traditions. But Public Eye has learned the council has now been disbanded, with its last meeting taking place earlier this week. The reason: according to government, it had "completed its formal work," having helped the ministry ensure the reshaping of "service delivery in a more culturally appropriate way." Although, "informal discussions between the ministry and (council) members will certainly continue on an ongoing basis."

Earlier, Public Eye reported the ministry had also shuttered its three-year-old youth advisory council in April as part of an effort to refocus its resources on frontline services. Both bodies were trumpeted by then children and family development minister Tom Christensen in the ministry's 2006/07 annual service plan report. "We are pleased to be one of the first jurisdictions in Canada to have such advisory councils established within a Ministry," he enthused.

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Good call, @MaryPolak - if you're going to cut EIBI dammit gotta cut the commissions whose missions are done too.

Let's face facts here - the optimist budget crumbled, few want to pay more tax directly (just look at the BCNDP whining about HST & the business community apocalyptic over BCNDP higher taxes) so you're going to see cuts like this. At least in Min Polak, they have a proven leader in making things lean & mean.

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