How dare we ask about Stilwell's disclosure statement!

Last week, a spokesperson for the ministry of advanced education and labour market development claimed Moira Stilwell was unavailable to comment on her husband's "partnership interest" in a private surgical centre. Nor, said the spokesperson, would the minister be available this week. To which we reply, "Bollocks!" Because we caught up with her this morning on her way into a cabinet meeting. During that interview, Minister Stiwell declined to provide details on her husband's interest in the centre. Despite being the former head of nuclear medicine at St. Paul's Hospital, she said she didn't have an opinion on private involvement in the public healthcare system. Although Minister Stilwell did commit to recusing herself from any cabinet discussions about the issue.


Good Sean, you just created a public record that needs to be archived somewhere in case there's something to the contrary in Cabinet minutes :-).

Gordo sure picks some dandies to be cabinet members. Josef K mentions cabinet minutes, but of course cabinet minutes are private so the taxpayers will never know if the lady does or does not get involved and does or does not help her husbands business connections. Way to go Gordo. we can't win for losing

Avoter, how can they be private? Can't anybody - say Sean - FOIA for them?

Perhaps it's time to get a referendum or initiative on da ballot for real access to information. That's what it took in Washington State in the 1970s, and yes BC does have direct democracy too.

Josef, have you never heard the words"Cabinet Confidentiality". No government I can think of allows their cabinet minutes open. A court once ruled that some particular bits of paper were to be released. Heck why not ask the guy whpo writes this blog, I'm sure he is more knowledgeable on FOI than I am. The BC Rail case has been draggiong along for years and part of the reason is the hold back of so many government documents. The FOI business is a good sourse of income for the province who sometimes releases piles of paper, mosty blanked out with black ink

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