Night moves

Earlier, we reported on how the province's finance deputy minister Graham Whitmarsh had compared the government's climate change policy-making process to "driving at night." And he'll have an opportunity to expound on those thoughts tomorrow. That's when he's scheduled to deliver a lunchtime talk to members of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, providing "senior-level insights into how government operates and, more specifically, how government addresses expenditure reductions in a time of financial crisis."


Whitmarash is one of the worst things that has happened to not only the BC Public Service but the province of BC. He is just one of Gordo's little puppets. From what I can tell, major decisions are made by a flip of a coin. He is not a leader.

Is Whitmarsh not the D/M who presided over the incompetent development of recent amendments to the Strata Property Act? There was no consultation with property owners affected by the legislation in favor of consultation with those making money from the disorder in BC strata developments.

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