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Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James is going to consult with "concerned business leaders" about how to "combine a forward-looking business climate with a more equitable society." That was one of the major announcement she made at her party's biennial convention. Now I'm not one for criticizing politicians when they say they're going to listen. I think there should be more listening in politics. Bt I've been listening to Ms. James talk about talking with business leaders since at least 2005.

Back then, Ms. James told the Vancouver Board of Trade that, since becoming party leader, she had made it a top priority to "reach out" to British Columbia's business community. She repeated that message a year later, during a speech to the Prince George Chamber of Commerce. And, a year after that, Ms. James told the Mortgage Investment Association she would listen to British Columbia's business leaders if she was elected premier - a message those leader also heard in 2005.

Now it's possible Ms. James wasn't consulting with business leaders when she was reaching out to them. And perhaps her promise to listen to them were condition on the New Democrats winning government? Although, neither excuse would speak well of Ms. James or her party. But, if that's not the case, then Ms. James shouldn't need to do much more talking with business leaders before rolling out her economic plan - unless she hasn't been listening.


It's a bit of a copout to say"I'll be talking to you" when the other party either doesn't listen or what you say is of little interest to them. Start talking to the folks who got you elected carole might be agood idea. Get the party website up to date and for those without a compuer, trey a small newsletter to the constituents, many who have decided that she isn't going anywhere any time soon.

I think Sean is right. Carole James is the Neil Kinnock of BC Politics - decent, kind, a bit weird and knowing the party needs to tilt centre... but can't get it done.

As long as Carole James is the Leader of the NDP, she is the BCLib Leader of the NDP because the NDP will keep itself as the adversarial foe to people who believe in & want economic growth.

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