Moe messages

It looks like someone is having a bit of fun at the expense of Moe Sihota. An unidentified twitter user is impersonating the newly-elected provincial New Democrat president and writing message such as: "I didn't give permission for Jim Sinclair to knife Carole James...Be patient Brother Sinclair;" "Getting hungry. Dying for a Triple-O Burger from White Spot. Forgot if it's unionized. What to do?...Got it!!!!!!! Jim Sinclair will know..... Where did I put his number?;" and lauding a recent column recounting Mr. Sihota's scandals and snafus as "My own personal 'top 11' list!"


Moe must be rattling some folks by simply taking the job. Keep em rattled Moe.

How can you NOT make fun of him? The man is absurd. His track record and credibility are shot - where else would he go but BC Politics?

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