Star-spangled convention

The provincial New Democrats party colour may be orange. But their recent biennial convention had red, white and blue overtones. One of its keynote speakers was from the good ol' U.S. of A. - Apollo Alliance president Jerome Ringo. And its sponsors included The Connections Group Inc. - a Seattle-based political and communications consultancy headed by Cathy Allen, a Democrat strategist.


Of course, Sean the BCLiberals are the closest thing to voting American or America's team in BC. The colours, the American booster club, the loaning out of weapons systems come election tyme, and the rest.

Also the BCLibs, like Americans, love liberty, consumption, the environment and also flying + gorgeous women (we'll stop there).

hmmn.... red white and blue overtones? Did you stay to listen to Rahaf Harfoush (Canadian), a social media strategist for Obama or Leo Gerard ( also Canadian), the International President of the United Steelworkers? Perhaps you sat through the talk by Hamish Marshall from Angus Reid as well as Royal Roads University Prof, David Black.

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