Raid gets flack

Over the summer, the Canadian Labour Congress found the British Columbia Nurses' Union had been trying to recruit licensed practical nurses who are already represented by other labour groups - a practice known as raiding. And, during the provincial New Democrats' biennial convention, delegates were buying up swag to publicly voice their distaste for that tactic. At the convention's Babylon Buttons Ltd. kiosk, the biggest selling item was a pin that read: "Real Nurses Don't Raid." But, according to The Tyee's Andrew Macleod, the nurses' union has now filed the British Columbia Nurses' Union has filed an application with the Labour Relations Board asking to represent licensed practical nurses who are presently Hospital Employees Union members.


Alot of questions were asked/pondered when the executive of the BCNU signed that latest deal with Gordos govt.
Now here is the other shoe dropping ??
Labour is in a fight to keep their hard won standards, has been ever since Gordo came to power.
The way to continue that fight is a unified front.
The actions of the current BCNU executive against their friends and partners in the HEU and BCGEU are accomplishing Gordos desire for divide and conquer.
I realize organized labour is a real red flag, polarizing topic in BC, but the right to representation and collective bargaining is now enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It's a raid and the BC Fed won't be the least bit pleased as workers fight among themselves. The Nurses union spent a lot of time badmouthing the LPN's , as not being very qualified, and now spend a lot of time trying to sign them up. A member of our family has 20 years hospital service, is a LPN and she has been approached a number of times. I won't repeat what she thinks of Deb McPherson and her raid.such a raid doesn't help the labour movement one little bit. Time to chuck the RN's out of the Federation unless they cease and desist right now

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