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Earlier, we reported the British Columbia Housing Management Commission was considering setting up a homelessness information centre in the Downtown Eastside for 2010 Winter Olympic Games visitors and media. At the time, we speculated the centre could be put in the Woodward's building. In a November interview with Public Eye, Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman said he hadn't made a decision on whether to approve the centre, declining to discuss its proposed location. But, today, in The Globe and Mail, Frances Bula confirmed the centre is a go, reporting BC Housing will be "setting up shop in a ground-floor space in one of the Woodward's towers at the gateway to the Downtown Eastside."

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Do they not see the irony?

Less than a month to set up housin... oops... a office to put out information on homelessness. Oh well done. If only that kind of dedication and speed could be shown for other things like... oh I dunno ... HOMELESSNESS?!?!

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