Where have we heard that before?

Yesterday, in her speech to provincial New Democrat biennial convention delegates, party leader Carole James promised "concerned business leaders" will be part of the "broad range of British Columbians" she'll be consulting over the coming months about how "we combine a forward-looking business climate with a more equitable society." But this isn't the first time she's spoke about consulting with members of the private sector. In April 2005, Ms. James told a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon "business is not the enemy." And she gave her word "B.C.'s business community will have a seat at the table and will be consulted on every decision that affects your business and the economic climate in B.C."

That promise was subsequently codified in the New Democrats' 2005 election platform, which stated a James government would "establish a permanent Economic Advisory Council that brings together leaders from business, big and small, cooperatives and credit unions, as well as municipal and regional leaders, labour leaders, educators and academics."

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