The out-crowd

Earlier, we told you about the Unity slate running for the provincial New Democrat executive. But who else is competing for those seats? Well, we already reported on presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls Brian Fisher and Stephen Elliott-Buckley. And there are a few others who aren't part of Unity:

* Tish Lakes, Kelowna-Mission and Nelson-Creston constituency associations president and former Westside-Kelowna 2009 election candidate (vice-president)

* Lynn Perrin, FairAll Consulting founder, former Abbotsford-Mission 2009 election candidate (vice-president)

* Gary Holman, former Saanich North and the Islands 2009 election candidate (member at large)

* Mary-Lynn Baum, Vancouver-Fairview constituency association president (member at large)

* Sheryl Seale, Delta North legislator Guy Gentner's constituency assistant (member at large)

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