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Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James's speech to party convention delegates may not have been the stuff of a future premier. But that's okay. Because, in the video preceding that speech, third party validators repeatedly reminded delegates Ms. James would make a great premier. Here's the complete list of those endorsements:

* "I know she'll be the next premier of the province" - Liz, childhood friend

* "She's a natural leader. It was recognized in the province then. It will be recognized in the next election too." - Donna Jones, former Victoria school board chair

* "One of the pieces that I've always been struck with about Carole is her ability to grasp issues and to understand them and then to dig down and really analyze and pull them apart. That's the kind of person we need running the province." - Sheila Davidson, Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia executive director

"Carole, as premier, gives us a sense of hope..." - unidentified student

"She's going to be our next premier and I so look forward to that. And gosh knows British Columbia needs her as our next premier." - Joy MacPhail, former New Democrat interim leader

"Carole, to me, is a real people's premier." - Al Gerow, Ms. James's husband


Yeah, and I'm going to say Gordon Campbell's a people's premier, Gordon is great at grasping issues and gives so many a sense of hope.

Listen, I admire the real Premier a great deal for what he's done. But let's not pump hype into people. Barack Obama is deflating, Gordon Campbell's Optimist Budget is coming down hard on autistics & others with special needs with Mary Polak getting sent out as the whipping girl or I daresay with Buck around a clay pigeon, and too many got jazzed about Dion until he deflated too.

Josef K is very predictable as he keeps dragging out the woman supposedly running the children and familes ministry. Wonder what he will do when enough heat gets raised and she joins the list of other Gordo, yes people to leave the job

I will take take that as my invitation, Joey.

Although Ms. James nor the NDP are my fave, with the defeat of the STV, they're the best we've got- far better than any Socred with thin coat of red paint.

Tell us about George Bush and Gov. Gregorie, and save the Canadian politics to Canadians.

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