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Tonight, provincial New Democrat delegates will dine on "local and delicious" food at the convention's Ruby Gala Dinner - at a cost of $95 each. But dissidents from the Ginger Group and Take Back the Party are offering a cheaper alternative. They're inviting delegates to come to a nearby White Spot restaurant, where politics will be discussed over dinner and drinks. The following is a complete copy of that invite.

$95 a plate too much

Then come to Whitespot (at the corner of Georgia and Cardero) with the Ginger Group and Take Back the Party! We'll be meeting to talk politics over dinner and drinks.

Not everyone has $95 a plate for a meal at convention - we'll be meeting at Whitespot at 6:00 pm.

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I think you should check your facts. I doubt it was the Ginger Group that went to Whitespot! White Spot donated a huge amount of money to help get Campbell elected. As a result, White Spot wound up serving its lousy food on the ferries, making us passengers nostalgic for the old navy bean soup. (I'm old enough to remember when White Spot was good, back in the early 1960s.) Also, White Spot was a proponent of the infamous "training wage" of $6 bucks, making sure wages stayed low for working stiffs and high for the already rich. The Ginger Group--a group aiming for social justice, economic equity and environmental sustainability-- wouldn't be likely to dine at the likes of Whitespot. Mind you, it's hard to find an ethical restaurant in Vancouver...

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