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Tomorrow, former cabinet minister Moe Sihota will run to be president of the provincial New Democrats. But who are the other members of the so-called Unity slate he's a part of. Well, here's the list that's being distributed to party convention delegates.


communicate. inspire. build.

Moe Sihota

Bob Smits

Vice President Labour:
Lynn Bueckert

Vice Presidents:
Marianne Alto
Scott Lunny
Heather Harrison
Spencer Herbert, MLA
Lorraine Shore
David Zirnhelt

Members at Large:
Jennifer Burgess
Debbie Lawrence
Troy Sebastian

Member at Large, Labour:
Summer McFayden

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I've been ignoring this development, hoping that it was either a bad joke or that it would just go away on it's own.

Moe Bloody Shihota?!?! Words fail me.

Really British Columbia? Really? This is the BEST YOU HAVE TO OFFER?!?!?!

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