Shrilling for James

Yesterday, we reported Attorney General Mike de Jong would be showing up at the provincial New Democrats' biennial convention to give reporters his take on the proceedings. And here's what the government house leader had to say about party leader Carole James's speech to delegates - jokingly calling it "shrill" as a child screamed in the background.


Great rebuttal by Mike de Jong - I like the fightback greatly.

I don't know whether to toss bouquets or to giggle at Carole. She is the BCLibs Gov't Best Official Oppo Leader.

Another example of the BC Liberal's misogynist style and along the lines of Gordon Campbell's during the election that Carol James as a woman just did not understand the economy and that woman are not capable of doing a man's job.

On the one hand I feel sorry for anyone who would speak so lowly of a woman, on the other I think it a disgusting reflection of their characters that they would talk about these woman in such a nasty way with no provocation.

I suppose no suprise here really, just another clear indicator of what all these Liberal men think and feel about woman, especially woman that are challenging their intellectual capacities. I hasten to add that Josef K suggesting that Mike de Jong's rebuttal being "Great", puts him in the same misogynist boat as Gordon Campbell and Mikey dJ.

I didn't listen and don't really care what the NDP said or how she sounded, but when the first words out of the govt house leader's mouth to the assembled press men are: "Shrill at times!(ha, ha, nudge, nudge, wink, wink)" it reminds me of why we need to worry about letting a good ole boys club mind the province for the rest of us.


"a good ole boys club"? Is that your final answer to the party of Stephanie Cadieux, Mary Polak, Christy Clark, Nancy Campbell (herself no slouch of a First Lady & a dynamo in her own right, right up there w/ Cherie Blair) and Naomi Yamamoto?

Dawn, I have came to agree w/ you that my hero bungled EIBI. But I grew up in a part of the world where there truly is a "a good ole boys club" and assure you that the BCLibs are far from it.

That said, if I were Mike since apparently shrill is now sexist, I would have used the words "hillarious", "my favourite opposition leader of all time" and "I didn't know whether to toss boos or bouquets".

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