A teachable moment

Provincial New Democrat leader Carole James will improve British Columbia's economy by improving its education system. In a speech to party convention delegates, Ms. James announced she's "placed education at the top of my agenda to build a sustainable modern economy." This, despite the fact Mustel Research Group Ltd.'s most recent polling shows education is the top issue of concern for just three percent of British Columbians. Also noteworthy: Ms. James only made passing reference to environmental issues in her speech. And that omission could become a point of contention for some party members.

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With the perfect storm converging on the public school system next spring, Sean, you can expect that percentage to change significantly. Do you happen to remember what was the key issue that Dalton McGuinty used to finally unseat Ontario's Conservatives?

It's good to see a political leader finally recognize what a critical role education plays in Canada's economic success and stability - it's not as simple as just throwing ever more tax cuts at industry.

The test will come, however, in whether the NDP actually offers an education platform that differs significantly from the BC Liberals' - that certainly wasn't the case in the 2009 election.

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