Orange in the red

The provincial New Democrats are "now faced with a post-election cash flow crunch and debt that, while not unanticipated, was significantly more than had been expected." The reason: according to a report prepared for the party's biennial convention by treasurer Cheryl Hewitt "donations from individuals and subsequent constituency fundraising was challenged by economic conditions and acute donor fatigue by supporters who had just come through federal and municipal elections." As a result, Ms. Hewitt states "the Provincial Executive Finance Committee has begun meeting regularly to develop and implement a plan to pay off our election debt expeditiously as possible."



BCNDP can't balance their own books, how can they balance BC's?

Can't be any worse than what we've got... $495M, maximum" come to mind?

But then again, why would an actual British Columbian, or even Canadian citizen have an opinion that mattered, eh, Joey K?

Buck, nice shotgun you got there. Good hit on that one. BCLibs' "Optimist Budget" crumpled.

Yes, I was born Joey.

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