Sliding into first

The provincial government has come up with a unique incentive to encourage employee donations to a campaign raising money for Canada's Olympic luge team. The ministry that raises the most money gets to see its top bureaucrat hurled down The Whistler Sliding Centre's track. But if the "winning" ministry's deputy opts not to take the plunge, will be auction off to another top bureaucrat. So here's the question for our readers: which senior civil servant would you like pushed down an icy slope?


That depends. What is at the bottom of this icy slope?


If it's a ditch of blackberry bushes and broken glass surrounded by a moat of molten lava I've got $50.00 to send off gordie. (not including hst)

I'd like to see du Troit sent tumbling or whomever thought up the EIBI cut.

Also to send tumbling... any minders. LET THE MLAS PLAY BALL.

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