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Earlier, we speculated PowerUp Canada executive director Tzeporah Berman would be named to the provincial government's green energy advisory task force, which has since been divided into four groups. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to Public Eye readers that today, Ms. Berman - the co-founder of ForestEthics - was named to the group responsible for resource development. Also joining that task force from the environmental community are Pembina Institute energy solutions director Matt Horne and David Suzuki Foundation chair James Hoggan.

The David Suzuki Foundation, the Pembina Institute and ForestEthics issued a statement at the beginning of the recent election campaign, criticizing the New Democrats' platform as being a "step backwards for climate action."

At the same time, the groups applauded the Liberals for taking British Columbia from being a climate change "laggard to leader in four years."

Ms. Berman was also critical of the New Democrats' during the campaign, making headlines when she announced she had quit the party over its opposition to the carbon tax.


It must be warm, cozy and comfortable, standing in the tent, with all their new friends. Not so much for old friends getting wet outside.

Good scoop Sean. It left me struggling for words at my shop:

Well, this is much better than the BCLibs taking advice from people who think - and I kid you not - "If the premier were smart, he'd cut his losses and get rid of the carbon tax altogether" from the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation. Yes, the right wing of the right wing.

Let's also be honest - the BCNDP is a bunch of people who need group therapy. They opposed a progressive tax shift, oppose the HST that'll increase revenue to pay for programs and they let the former high-level staffer in 1999 to the MCFD oppose the 2009 MCFD Minister why? Because they're hypocritical, that's what.

You're way too subtle Sean - it wasn't until I read your Facebook headline that the lights went on!

Is it really that cynical in the world of high politics?

It is an interesting process. The irony is that during Ms. Bermen's ForestEthics days, government eventually figured out that it needed to find ways to include its critics - at the that time including Ms. Bermen. Interesting that there isn't a green energy critic in sight on the task force.

Also, a Friday news release? A classic move to ensure this task force maintains a low profile.

If this process is intended to reduce the conflicts over IPPs, it is designed to fail. Like in forestry, watch for the ENGO's opposed to the present green energy policy to take their fight to foreign markets (read: California). We've seen this play before.

I called this back during the election, that these self-interested turncoats would turn up on some mythical "green" committee as government appointees. Spoils for those who would help split the vote. Review the recap of the BC Liberals real record on the environment that these people supported. Who are the real environmentalists these days, because there don't seem to be too many getting appointed to committees that will go nowhere as the Liberals don't need to pretend to care about the environment and climate change anymore? Everything about them is Fools gold.

BC Liberals Real Record on the Environment

Asking BC Liberals Suck to define BC Liberals honestly and fairly is like asking me to define the Not a Democratic Party honestly and fairly. Perhaps my handle needs to change to "Polak & PublicEyeOnline Rocks Da Rockpile, NDP Caucus Won't and Never Will" just so people have a nice disclaimer on where I stand.

The BCLib record on the environment is stellar and innovative. Just look at the carbon tax shift, look at the zero emission run of the river projects, commercial wind power & the use of Burrard Thermal only for emergency rather than dependency. Now, would the NDP like to attack that, huh?

Josef K, you have defined in your own mind (I use the term loosely,) the NDP. It is too bad you spend so much time drifting from site to site attacking those who point out the mistakes of the BC Liberals that you don't have time to think and express views beyond your biases. It sounds like PABLUM be PABLUM (Political Affairs Bureau Language Used for Media) to me.
To say Campbell's record on the environment is stellar and innovative is unbelievable. The Gas Tax was just a tax grab. It does nothing to reduce consumption of carbon-based fuels. The BC Liberals are expanding coal mining, coal-based methane production and off-shore drilling as well as shipping these products through dangerous waters. And they want to burn wood to produce electricity. This will pump CO2 into the atmosphere. It is to be carbon neutral because the trees they burned soaked up the CO2 released. Of course the CO2 released will take 30-50 years to be soaked by the trees replacing the ones cut if they are replanted. So we will have warming due to the loss of the carbon sink, our forests.
Campbell and his braun-nosers have no clue about sustainability in the environment.

The BCLib record on the environment is stellar and innovative. Just look at the carbon tax shift, look at the zero emission run of the river projects, commercial wind power & the use of Burrard Thermal only for emergency rather than dependency. Now, would the NDP like to attack that, huh?

The run of the river projects are not carbon neutral. Many trees have been destroyed to build the transportation networks needed to build these plants, to park the machinery needed to build them and the transmission lines to move the electric energy from them. You fail to mention that BC ratepayers will pay several times what it costs BC Hydro to generate electricity for this unneeded energy. They have been built by major funders of the BC Liberals and this is their reward. We do not need this electricity. Why wasn't there an open and honest environmental review of these projects?

The use of Burrard Thermal is remaining unchanged. The BCLib words do not change what is occurring.

Josef, do some learning and you will realize that Drew Chisholm is correct.

Pay attention to what is happening in the northeast where your precious Liberals have gifted energy companies with huge tax and royalty breaks, allegedly to encourage exploration but actually to make the established shale reserves more profitable in production.

Note that hydraulic fracturing, using dangerous chemicals, exposes vast areas of land to new forms of pollution. In the Marcellus Shale, 260 different chemicals have been identified as used in hydraulic fracturing.

Faux environmentalists in this province barely raise their voice about gas production from shale. They'd rather save a baby seal because it provides much better photo ops for fund raising and doesn't hurt any powerful rich interests to whom they are secretly beholden.

Read through the materials linked at this site, particularly at ProPublica:

Well I don't buy all spin. But Norman I'll read your stuff.

The problem is we are too dependent as a planet on toxic hydrocarbons like oil shale, petroleum, plastic, crude oil, gasoline, etc.

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