Conventional warfare?

Earlier, we reported the Powell River-Sunshine Coast provincial New Democrat constituency association had put forward a resolution calling on the party to hold a leadership convention in 2011. That would, in effect, trigger a leadership contest - forcing Carole James to either drop out or defend her title. So what does the MLA representing that constituency, Nicholas Simons, think about the resolution, which also recommends the party establish a "mechanism for continuing leadership review for the future?" Well, here's what he had to say when we spoke to him in his legislature office.

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Nick's digs don't look that large but it probrably beats the office McPail and Kwan were given, with views and smells from the kitchen. The resolution will be so far down the list there just won't be time to discuss it, so it goes back to a commmittee who will not persue it. Letting the rank and file vote would bring in more interest but don't hold your breath. I went to one of those conventions for one reason, to argue that non Indian occupiers had no legal rights. It was a resolution from up in the interior. I was not from the riding that riased the issue. Never made the floor, or the next year when it came up again. The floor handlers sure can manipulate the folks. So many don't bother coming back to be ignored one more time

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