Crazy about the comptroller general

"Biased," "nonsense," "craziness" and "dumb." That's how British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. president and chief executive officer David Hahn described a recent report by the province's comptroller general during an interview with the Times Colonist's Lindsay Kines. The report was critical of the compensation packages awarded to the government-owned company's executives and directors - which, in Mr. Hahn's case, is valued at more than a million dollars. So what does Finance Minister Colin Hansen think of that response? Well, this is what he told reporters after question period today.

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A great number of people simply don't believe the present government didn't know about what the guy was being paid. After all the province ships over big bucks and it was the same government that exempted that bunch from FOI legislation. The people of BC owns that bunch of boats, not Hahn. Who hired him anyway? Oh Gordo of course.

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