In early September, Angus Reid Strategies Inc. reported 69 percent of British Columbians disapprove of the job Gordon Campbell is doing as premier. But what I want to know is whether the premier's caucus feels the same way.

After all, there's been questions about whether he consulted with them before announcing British Columbia would be introducing a harmonized sales tax. There's been reports of dissent over the carbon tax and a pay raise for senior civil servants. And now there's rumours a few government MLAs are so dissatisfied they might be contemplating quitting caucus, with some long-time supporters comparing the tone of the legislature to the dying days of the Vander Zalm administration.

Of course, those are just rumours - perhaps as groundless as the clouds above this studio. And I'm sure, if I stuck my microphone in the face of any MLA tomorrow, they'd refute those rumours. But with 69 percent of British Columbians disapproving of the job Mr. Campbell is doing as premier, I can't help but wonder whether at least some of them, privately, are Liberal MLAs and if they'll go public with their disapproval.


I'm sure you're quite accurate Sean. After a litany of bad decisions by this government it only stands to reason that Liberal MLA's would be concerned about their re-election.


This time next year you'll have a BCLib convention to go to. I hope it's in Langley, obviously. Becuz Langley has Harbour Air direct flights, a small BCLib Air Force contingent and oh, did somebody forget who the one rock star MLA remaining in the BC Legislature is of Langley?

Just imagine a leadership review of the BCLiberals this time next year at this rate - BCLib caucus members holding on until the vote to see if there's a shot at Operation: Dump Gord, Vicki Huntington in a position to wheel & deal once the novelty of being an independent wears off but a pay hike doesn't as the BC Conservatives wait and watch as the Wildrose Alliance in Alberta is about to destroy the Alberta PCs, and all the Polakites in the world right there rockin' & rollin' for a leadership campaign for our hero... oh and Sean, you'll still be around, eh? Of course, at the rate the media is going you'll get to be the only journo covering live the BCLib convention :-).

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