Poll question hits on civil servants

It seems Friends character Joey Tribbiani has been hired to write the weekly poll questions for the provincial government's employee Intranet. Earlier last month, bureaucrats were asked "How are you doing?" or "How You Doin,'" as the page reporting on the results of that poll put it. Possible responses included "fantastic," "not bad," "not good," "awful" and "other," with the most popular being "fine, thanks." The following is a complete copy of that page.

Poll Results: How You Doin'

"How are you" has become as much a greeting as a question. But when we asked it this week, please know it wasn't just a throwaway phrase. We genuinely wanted to know.

And how you are appears to be fair to middling, with 64 per cent in the "not bad" to "fine, thanks" range. Although more respondents were fantastic than awful, we'd love to see that gap widen.

Stopping to check in with yourself - and your colleagues - more often may benefit your mood. Experts say gauging your emotional temperature gives you a chance to catch yourself before feelings spiral, course correct and calm down if needed. As well as having bona fide benefits for health, productivity and performance, pausing to chat with your co-works can be a pick-me-up for all parties.

How are you today?

fantastic - 71 (11%)
fine, thanks - 207 (32%)
not bad - 206 (32%)
not good - 97 (15%)
awful - 42 (7%)
other - 18 (3%)

So thanks for letting us know your current state. We've got an ongoing interest in your well-being, and we'll check back again another time.

Vote on this week's poll.

Published October 13, 2009

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I'm sure Minister Polak can make use of these polling busybodies. Perhaps the morons who thought this up can try administring EIBI to autistic children or at least be forced to spend a Sunday morning interning on your show Sean. Make sure they have to start at the Democrat witch hour of 3 AM.

After all, and I hope Mary P doesn't take offense, but 100 pollsters at the bottom of Georgia Strait is a start! If you need a poll, you're a wimp or lazy or can't take a pulse. Lead and be a Holman or a Polak or a Poole, for crying out loud!

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