At risk of homelessness

The Crown corporation responsible for British Columbia's subsidized housing has prepared a confidential document assessing the homeless-related risks associated with the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Much of that document was blacked out before being released to Public Eye because it includes government "policy advice or recommendations." But what we do know is the British Columbia Housing Management Commission has identified nine such risks, assessing their:

* possible consequences;
* likelihood (rare, unlikely, possible, likely or almost certain);
* severity (insignificant, minor, moderate, major or catastrophic);
* tolerance (low, medium or high)
* treatment options

And we know what two of those risks are. According to the document, road closures during the Olympics may mean the homeless could "encounter delays accessing shelters in red zones." And there could also be a "shortage of emergency shelter beds" due to an "influx of persons" to the Lower Mainland.

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I sincerely hope that the Minister responsible was planning to give the public and groups that work to support homeless people a full briefing on exactly what those risks are and what actions government will be taking to mitigate them and what others can do to support such efforts.

I mean what kind of society are we living in when this kind of information, which could potentially save lives, is considered confidential? WHY???

If a known rapist or child molester were on the loose and police failed to alert the public, they'd be rightly tarred for failing to uphold the duty to serve and protect.

How is this any different? What possible interest could supercede the duty to do everything possible to alert and protect a group of citizens who may be at risk, especially after the government has identified and quantified such risks?

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