Nothing says New Democrat like wood panelling

"It's sort of the electronic equivalent of, 'Why don't you and I get together, bring some paint and some cardboard, we'll make election signs and I'm sure everybody will believe us." That was British Columbia Institute of Technology broadcast journalism instructor George Orr's reaction to a recently-released online advertisement promoting the provincial New Democrats' upcoming biennial convention.

The ad features party leader Carole James speaking against a wood panel background which Mr. Orr described as looking "like it was shot in a rec room."

Mr. Orr also noted one of the principle rules in television production is consistency.

So the fact Ms. James is shown directly addressing the camera, as well as in profile, makes the ad "feel like somebody's got some new gear and they're trying to figure out how it works."

And that feeling, he said, is especially apparent when it cuts to still images of past conventions.

"I think I recognize the software they're using because certain software will let you move-in slowly on still pictures. So there's a variety of gee-whizz elements to this as opposed to here's what you will get if you come to our convention. I'm not sure what the purpose of this is other than showing off their new toys."

"Maybe this supposed to be anti-slick?" he speculated. "But if anti-slick has sort of an organic feel to it, this doesn't. This just has a Mickey Mouse aspect to it. There was an amateur aspect to this, given that this is something that I presume they want party members to be inspired by."


George Orr's reaction, being a journalism instructor, is problematic. Carole James said the convention is a chance for people to get together and discuss issues. He seems to have a problem with some of the optics and didn't hear anything about the issues. This is a problem with a lot of journalism these days. They are only interested in the "the appearance" of a politician rather than the issues they are discussing. Perhaps if journalists discussed issues, we wouldn't get the type of governments we have, the ones that do everything behind closed doors and by Order in Council rather than having open debate on the issues.

One good idea would be that all the paid up members get to vote for who they want for leader. Lots of good media coverage would be a result, and the rank and file would feel more engaged

#1. I'm sure BCLibFan could do better than that for his/her team of Polakites :-).

#2. BTW, the wood paneling... looks awfully cheap wood paneling.

#3. With 20 years on since the Berlin Wall falling, I'm sure somebody can eBay for a chunk to give to Carole James. For a backdrop.


You are right Joesph that video had way too few planes blowing things up with rockets....

otherwise I agree with Astro

a) Yes, Andi in Victoria, not enough action for me. No rock music like The Downtown Fiction or "Along Comes Mary" from The Manhattan Transfer or instant replays. I wonder what George Orr thinks of the YouTubes of BCLibFan :-).

b) Let's face it, the BCNDP is a 1970s political party. The BCLibs are a 2001 political party.

c) Oh and it's Josef, Andy. Cheers and go Polak! Save EIBI!

Josef K, actually the BC Liberals are 19th century. The way they treat the ambulance workers is very similar to how the coal-miners were treated, "Work for us the way we say or starve."
On the other hand, the NDP is looking forward, working for a sustainable economy and environment.

Oh please, astro, you are certifiable NDP. Socialism must be grand to you. Why don't you go build yourself a replica of the Berlin Wall and wall you & your friends in it w/ all the socialist Eastern Bloc travel restrictions?

The BCLibs are the party of liberty... unless you happen to be a whiner of a bureaucrat.

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