Sister Act

The provincial government will be commissioning a consultant to study the economic impact of sister-city arrangements between British Columbia and Asia Pacific communities. According to the bid document for that work, which was posted on November 3, the consultant will also survey export and investment opportunities in a number of yet to be determined British Columbia communities. That work is expected to get underway by November 30, 2009, with a draft report being delivered no later than January 15, 2010.

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What a waste.

After all, I'd like Langley, BC to be sister city to New York City which has the Statue of Liberty... not to mention mine. Ain't gonna happen just becuz of a rock star MLA from Langley who I wish had an eBay site to sell autographed posters to fund EIBI & Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & other MCFD ops.

My points?

a) This whole idea of sister cities is to create a global community, not junkets for politicians.

b) There are other issues out there.

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