BC Ferries bosses and Sir Humphrey think alike!

"We found the compensation of the (British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.) executive excessive." That was one of the major findings in a report released today by comptroller general Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland. According to the report, the ferry service justified those compensation packages by comparing their executives to those working for "large corporations such as Coca Cola Bottling Company, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Nike Canada Limited and McDonald's Restaurants of Canada." Which brings to mind a memorable scene from the British television show Yes, Prime Minister wherein a case is made to give senior civil servants a 43 percent pay raise by comparing their salaries to similar jobs in industry - namely the directors of BP and IBM. Fancy that!


Yep, the Ford Motor company is small potatoes when stacked up against the only ferry fleet we have here in BC. What a pile of BS. Hahn is in over his head and does just what Gordo wants. What was that Gordo said about paying big bucks to get the best and brightest?

After the PacifiCatastrophe, the idea was for BC Ferries to be put at arm's length from political influence. This is part of the result.

So Josef, if the fast ferry experiment justified BCF privatization and freedom from FOI, what about Pavco? They managed $500 million over budget on the convention centre and growth of the BC Place capital budget from $2.5 million to $600 million in three years, with nothing yet built.

Ah, the Liberals are so expert at managing the public purse, are they not?


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