An academic argument

Robin Ciceri's departure from government to become president of the Research Universities' Council of British Columbia means the province's now former top advanced education bureaucrat will be representing the interests of its four major universities. That doesn't violate any of Ms. Ciceri's post-employment restrictions. But doesn't it seem a bit awkward? Well, this is what the minister responsible, Moira Stilwell, had to say when we caught up with her yesterday.


Minister Stilwell's response seems rather awkward too.

I stand in awe of some of the folks selected by Gordo to supposedly run ministries, as they fumble along. Some of these little video clips would be hilarious , but it's not a joke. These people make a lot of , money but don't seem to understand why people question them. The word incompetent springs to mind. They have no shame but rattle on

Maybe the dirty little secret is that Campbell ran out of sound lumber well before he finished building this cabinet.

For example, there is the warrior prince:

Of course, they could just do the following for MLA salaries:

45 BCLib MLAs get minimum wage, training wage as applicable and eligible to pound their desks, make crazy speeches and just generally have fun on taxpayer dollar. Extra $2 an hour for being Minister of something or committee chair + just $1 an hour for being a parliamentary secretary.

Speaker gets babysitting payment of $10 an hour for babysitting MLAs or whatever is the 75% percentile rate for nannies & babysitters. After all, QP has became an embarassment.

@KevinFalcon gets $100,000 salary as Health Minister. Every time he acts inappropriately, that's $100 fine payable to charity. Perhaps he'd spend more time ministering than mimicking in that event.

@g_campbell gets $125,000 salary as Premier. Additional $100 for each attendence in Question Period.

Oh and the Hon. Mary Polak? Try $1,000,000 as Premier-in-waiting & Minister of MCFD. However, $500,000 will be revoked for autism treatment until EIBI is fully funded for every child. Starting at 7:02 of this YouTube seems to indicate she'd cut her salary back even more.

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