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Earlier, we reported New Democrats in Vancouver-Kensington had submitted a resolution calling for increased transparency at the party's provincial executive meetings. That resolution would allow provincial council members to attend those meetings as observers. But it turns out that resolution is superfluous. The reason: in an email, party communications officer Michael Roy stated "any member in good standing of the BC NDP may attend a provincial executive meeting." Which, obviously, will come as a surprising to Vancouver-Kensington's constituency association.

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There is nothing in the BC NDP Constitution which affirms that NDP members can observe at meetings of the Executive. And I don't think meetings of the Executive are publicized in advance to make it possible for members to attend.

The only Constitutional mandate is for the Executive to give minutes of their meetings to Council in a timely fashion.

Only meetings of the Provincial Council are publicized in advance, and are specifically open to the party members according to the Constitution.

15.04 It shall be the right of any individual member of the Party to attend meetings of the Provincial Council.

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