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Earlier, we reported Seaspan Coastal Intermodal Co. appears to have hired the premier's former special advisor Ken Dobell to advanced its complaints about increased competition from British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. The government-owned private company recently got into the same business as Seaspan - shipping tractor trailers between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. But, despite those complaints, BC Ferries new drop trail service shows no signs of shutting down. In fact, last month it was announced the former Crown corporation had purchased a "large quantity" of towing vehicles to load and unload those trailers from TICO of Canada. The company, in a news release, described it as its "largest sale ever of terminal tractors in Canada." The following is a complete copy of that release.

TICO announces largest sale ever of terminal tractors in Canada

TORONTO, Oct. 28 /CNW/ - Dominic J. Taddeo Chairman of TICO of Canada Intermodal Equipment Solutions Inc. and David L. Hahn President & CEO of British Columbia Ferry Services Inc. (BC Ferries) are pleased to announce the largest single purchase of terminal tractors in Canada.

The TICO tractors are for the new drop trailer service recently introduced by BC Ferries through their Commercial Services Division. This new initiative is part of the ongoing vision of Hahn to provide additional value added services to new and existing BC Ferries' clients. This diversification will aid in Hahn's continuous pursuit of increased asset utilization for BC Ferries by generating enhanced non-traditional revenue and income streams.

Taddeo said, "I am very pleased TICO of Canada was chosen to be an integral part of this new and exciting commercial venture. This transaction certainly validates TICO terminal tractors as an innovative and creative alternate solution to the other brands in the Canadian market place."

Aidan S. Bolger, President & CEO of TICO of Canada, said he felt that "a major factor in the purchasing decision was the reputation of the TICO terminal tractor as the lowest life cycle cost tractor in North America today." This is based on the manufacturer's 26 years of operational expertise and experience as the largest owner and operator of more than 1500 TICO terminal tractors in ports from Houston Texas to New Jersey.

Hahn stated that "TICO was chosen to partner with BC Ferries after rigorous due diligence of the TICO product and their operational experience through the RFP process managed by BC Ferries' purchasing and automotive departments. Amar Johal, BC Ferries' Vice President of Commercial Sales has the overall responsibility for this new venture with the operational management headed by Captain David Badior.

TICO of Canada is the exclusive distributor in Canada of the innovative intermodal equipment solutions built by TICO Manufacturing in Ridgeland SC. BC Ferries is one of the largest ferry operators in the world with annual revenues in excess of $650 million.

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And on what ferry will the trailers travel? Will a trailer bump me the next time I travel a southern route? Are trailers subject to the Ferry commissioners jurisdiction? Will, or do, the local Ferry Committees have any say about the trailers?

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