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Earlier, we reported a provincial New Democrat resolution calling for a leadership convention has been given a low priority for debate - being placed 38 on a list of 39 proposals dealing with constitution and party affairs. So what was number 39? Well, that would be a resolution calling for increased transparency at meetings of the New Democrats' provincial executive - which administers "matters of political and strategic importance" to the party. Fancy that! The following is a complete copy of that resolution, which proposes allowing provincial council delegates to observe those meetings. The council, a larger body that includes constituency association presidents, is constitutionally responsible for the executive.


WHEREAS in order to increase openness, trust and democracy, it is important that our structures are accessible and transparent to party members; and

WHEREAS the Constitution acknowledges that the Provincial Council shall be the governing body of the Party between Conventions (15.02); and

WHEREAS the Executive shall be responsible to Provincial Council (13.13);

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a new section be added to Article XIII - The Provincial Executive to read:

"It shall be the right of any individual Provincial Council delegate to attend, as observers, the meetings of the Provincial Executive which are held just before each Provincial Council."


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