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At least one provincial New Democrat constituency association wants to see a challenge to Carole James's leadership sooner rather than later. Powell River-Sunshine Coast has put forward a resolution calling on the party to hold a leadership convention in 2011. That would, in effect, trigger a leadership contest - forcing Ms. James to either drop out or defend her title.

But there's little chance that resolution will be debated at the party's upcoming convention. It's been given a low priority, being placed 38 on a list of 39 resolutions dealing with constitution and party affairs. And that means there likely won't be enough time available to discuss it. The following is a complete copy of that resolution.



THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the BC NDP Provincial Executive designate the 2011 Provincial Convention to be a Leadership Convention, and recommend a mechanism for continuing leadership review for the future. Such a leadership selection process would be open to all members in good standing of the BC NDP and would be to either re-confirm or replace the current leader.


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The in crowd likes to keep things just as they want it to be. It appears that the present leader is too afraid to let the rank and file vote, either against or for her. But the same rank and file get lots of requests for money so they are handy for something. If she is as good as she thinks she is, why not have all member vote. My God, the publicity would dowonders, but of course might well put her out of a job before her pension is of much value

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