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Public Eye is an independent media outlet, without the backing of a multi-million dollar corporation. That means, when we travel to Vancouver later this month to cover the provincial New Democrats' biennial convention, we'll be paying for all our expenses out of pocket. That's why Public Eye requires your financial support on an ongoing basis. By making a confidential $10 monthly contribution, you'll be helping sustain our investigative work. As a token of our appreciation, you'll receive an exclusive subscription to our new monthly email newsletter - the Brown Envelope - where we'll give you the story behind the stories we've been working on. Just click on the bar below so we can continue covering events like the New Democrats' biennial convention, digging up the news that matters to you. Because even though Public Eye's stories may be free, its reporting doesn't come cheap. (Please note, federal tax laws require us to include the goods and services tax as part of your contribution. You can stop supporting Public Eye at any time by following this link.)

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Hey #BCPoli fans... just do it. $10 bucks for "the truth". Much better than The Tyee or some light blue blog or CanWest.

These brown envelopes are also so cool I take a vow never to leak what is in them...

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