The provincial Liberals' caucus meeting usually gets underway at 1:00 - lasting anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. But today that meeting began at 12:30 and ended a hour later. So what were the government's legislators discussing? "World peace," quipped a MLA, with another saying it had to do with the switch to daylight saving's time. Joking aside, though, it could have had something to do with just-introduced legislation that will put an end to the B.C. ambulance paramedics strike. But was there have been another topic on the agenda?

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Educated guesses:

#1. New medal for Mary Polak - I saw it today during QP.

#2. A new computer game?

#3. A serious dressing down of Kevin Falcon for his Josef-like behaviour during QP.

#4. How to Tweet 101?

#5. Drawing up Christmas wish lists...

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