The New Democrats aren't just a party in need of reform. The New Democrats are a part in need of therapy. A bundles of conflicting neurosis, the New Democrats are too concerned with the past to look forward to the future and too concerned with the future to pay attention to the present - reluctant to hold the Liberals accountable for decisions that cold remind voters of their own record in government or expose them as hypocrites should they win the next election.

As a result, they've become psychologically paralyzed, having enough latent hostility to launch ad hominem attacks but lack the self-confidence to add substance to those attacks - seemingly burdened by all the caution of a party in its final year of power despite having no power to speak of. So maybe, instead of having a convention later this month, the New Democrats should schedule an appointment for group counseling. Because, if they don't, they'll remain a party waiting to become government rather than a government-in-waiting.


The reform envisioned in Think Forward BC NDP is designed to align the party's existence with its purpose and policy...a kind of de-alienation therapy: ensure the party works according to its ideals.

Fear of the past can be replaced by the boldness that comes from being soundly motivated by ideals and beliefs.

Paralysis can be replaced by taking part in building a progressive social movement in the province to heal a decade of political abuse from the government.

Tne NDP needs a new leader and the sooner the better. The lady keeps a tight reign on the brighter lights in the caucus and there are some bright lights there for sure. To decide to spend more time with her family would help the party quite a bit. If Moe moves in to be the president that too would be a good thing. Many long time supporters are waiting for her to get out of the way.

Good on you, Sean, for raising this for discussion. Two things come to mind - By default, NDP 'popularity' has increased of late because it seems the party is our only hope for getting rid of the Campbell regime, and not because people like me believe in their ideology. That is a very weak leg to stand on, vulnerable to being kicked out from under them by a single misstep.
Second and thankfully, while agreeing that we should do many simple and little to no cost things to clean up our world, people are beginning to think for themselves on the likely costs of the climate change religion, as opposed to being led around by the nose by the Suzukis and Jaccards of the world. Therefore, any attempt to siphon off green votes by cuddling up under the global warming blanket, is likely to backfire bigtime.
Although I do not agree with the affirmative action on gender, I happen to like Carole James overall attempts to 'do politics politely.' Unfortunately neither work very well in this province. So despite the current policy to stay the course on James' leadership, I would be more than happy to see Mike Farnworth step out of the shadows to take over as Leader. He is reasonable, seasoned, capable and middle of the road enough to keep all party members happy without the tendency to sit on both sides of three or four fences at once. More than anything, I have the sense that he is far more inclined to be straight with all British Columbians than the current cabal. And, no, he is NOT a member of my family.

I salute you Sean. You seem to take some of my comments to heart, thank you.

I also agree w/ Avoter. Put Lana Popham in charge and the next time Kevvy Falcon revs up... she can just wink and smile as Kevvy burns rubber, oops mouth. Of course, any anti-business slam on her NDP won't go very far as they take a more moderate & higher road.

Plus Carole James' lack of integrity sure made for some great YouTube that one of our birthday babes would certainly agree as she swooped in on her CF-18 firing rockets of truth at the BCNDP! Personally, I am so sick of Carole and her lies... and also the former Ministrial Assistant for MCFD beaking off at our birthday hero Mary P when Mauriane created the autism mess and now snipes at Mary for mopping it up. Free advice, Mauriane: Help mop up the mess or find a new job instead of waiting to become government.

Oh, that's right... I've been saying Sean Holman ought to be the Leader of the Loyal Opposition. At least he can replace 20 NDP MLAs easily for the price of one.

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