Finger food

Gordon Campbell and Prime Minister Stephen Harper shared a Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games photo-op today in the premier's office - sending video cameras in first to record the staged event and then still cameras. We were part of the first wave. But it was when the video cameras left that things got interesting. Commenting on the Olympic red mittens he was wearing, the premier said, "I like the thumbs up." Chuckling, the prime minister commented, "You can't put anything up but the thumbs" before telling reporters, "He can't give you the finger in those things." To which the premier replied, "I've never experienced that." This, according to print reporters in the room.


One wonders if Gordo ever looks at himself in the mirror to see just how stupid he looks pushing this , what used to be, a sport event, but now is as one of his ministers says, a business opportunity. The mind boggles at the sheer waste of resources and of course our money

One wonders how so many can ruin such a good time and time of joy with opposition. I have never heard of such cynical opposition to the Olympics until now. It's not just Avoter, but the whole lot of it.

The Olympics are going to be great games that will make BC great and quite frankly, they're operating well within budget & safely. Just flow with it, my friends.

Josef K = the Sesame Street Song 'One of these things (is not like the other): "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong."
Seriously, not enough Palin action lately to keep you busy commenting on events in your own country?

A note of special thanks to "A Real BCer" ...

Thank you for addressing this unfortunate topic. Surely I'm not the only one to find it irritating that relentlessly empty words manifest again, again, again, again ... Jeez.

Thanks too for the tip-off. I would never have guessed.

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