Pending review

In July, the provincial government announced it had asked comptroller general Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland to review TransLink and British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.'s operations. The purpose: to ensure British Columbians are "receiving maximum value for services." According to that announcement, those reviews were scheduled to be completed by September 30. But that date has come and gone. So what's the status of that review? Well, in a scrum yesterday, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond told reporters Ms. Wenezenki-Yolland has "briefed our staff in terms of some of those findings." But she hasn't personally received the comptroller general's yet-to-be finalized reviews. Although Minister Bond stated she expects to receive them "sometime this week."


So the lady pointing the recorder, not at the MLA but at the questioner must be one of the flunkies whose job it is to rush back and tell her bosses just what the MLA should say. Ministers are supposed to know what to say

I agree Avoter. If these guys can handle QP, they can handle the press or perhaps the press should replace half or more of the BCNDP caucus. It's also money wasted that could go directly to the Ministry of Children & Family Development at Mach 2 or should be paid for by the BCLib Party.

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