Laugh line?

"I sure am sorry if there was any misunderstanding. There certainly wasn't meant to be." That's what Gordon Campbell said today when asked about the Mi'kmaq children's choir which thought the premier had invited them to perform during the opening ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. It was the first time the press gallery had an opportunity to speak with him about the controversy, which Premier Gordon Campbell said he heard about for the "first time" on Monday morning. This, despite the fact news about the choir being "uninvited" to the ceremonies broke last week. The premier also reiterated he only told the choir it would "great" if they could sing at the Games. And he took a question about whether the government should offer some of the 3,000 Olympic tickets it has purchased to former Olympians - responding, at first, with a laugh.



a) Great video. Thanks. Only wish your podcast was as fast.

b) See guys, he doesn't need a minder. He's doing great.

Gordo sure has his lines well rehearsed. He has many many PR hacks to drum the answers and message of the day into his head. If the premier of Newfoundland , who has been a very successful business person figured Gordo had invited the kids, well that's good enough for me.

For once, I agree somewhat w/ Avoter. The Premier should pick up the phone and get the kids into the Opening Ceremony already. This is getting disgraceful.

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