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Earlier, we reported the provincial government directly awarded a contract worth up to $650,000 to host business leaders and foreign dignitaries at the Terminal City Club during the length of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. In a scrum with reporters, Small Business, Technology and Economic Development Minister Iain Black said that contract wasn't tendered because the club "was deemed by the protocol office to be the only facility downtown which had the combination of security requirements, the flexibility of the space and the size to accommodate the number of people that are expected at some of the different events that are anticipated to be held during the Olympic and Paralympic Games." But he dodged repeated questions about whether the cost of booking that club was an Olympic expense.


Congrats Sean on the cite! :-)!

I think Min. Iain Black doesn't need a minder, he seems to be one of the few BCLib males w/ the proper temperment @ the moment. @KevinFalcon needs to dial it back as does the minder. I wish she'd realize she's part of the problem of perception - if these ministers can't handle the press, well then the press ought to replace most of the Official Opposition but keep Vicki Huntington & Lana Popham - the latter of which I understand is venturing into new media.

Watching the guy dancing around the questions in No answers in Question Period today was sad. They are shovelling money off the back end of the truck and this guy was made a minister. The mind boggles as such stupid people mishandling our money. Contracts, hell we havn't got the time , even though their own legislation says a contract is needed for that amount of money. I wonder if any of those guys throw their own wages around in such a manner?

Hey, Avoter, perhaps BC needs real opposition. Seriously.

I salute Hon. Iain Black for good sorties today, as I do @KevinFalcon and of course Mary Polak!

Watch and Listen closely at the 57 second mark! He lets out the funniest and most audible sigh/groan when he looks over at Sean asking another great question. Yet another useless stooge.

Listener Kliph Nesteroff, Sean Holman can be the BCLib Head Coach anytime! He's like a professional hockey player versus the bunch of pee-wee useless stooges and raging grannies that is the official opposition. Perhaps we should replace the NDP w/ the media.

GOsh Sean, you are now on the booster list along with Gordo ,Polak and Falcon Hope you don't gag on that idea

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