What a prize!

Provincial Liberal constituency associations have a new incentive to sign-up Club 300 members - individuals who are willing to donate $25 a month to the party. According to an email distributed to supporters, the association that signs up the most club members "will win a local event with Premier (Gordon Campbell) in 2010." Of course, given the fact an Angus Reid Strategies Inc. poll shows only 18 percent of British Columbia approve of the job he's doing as premier, that might not be much of an incentive. But we digress. The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: Kelly Reichert, BC Liberal Party
Sent: Wed Oct 28 12:55:40 2009
Subject: An Invitation to Join Club 300

An Invitation to Join Club 300

Dear Friend:

As a long-time supporter, I want to extend an invitation for you to join me in an exclusive group of individuals as part of our BC Liberals Club 300 program.

Club 300 is your opportunity to show support for the BC Liberal Party year-round and help us share the benefits of the BC Liberals' economic plan with every British Columbian.

Today, the exclusive benefits of Club 300 are available to you or your business - and the membership obligation only requires monthly donations totaling at least $300 in annual contributions. That's all.

Yes, I want to join Club 300 today!

The exclusive benefits available only to Club 300 members include:

* Complimentary invitation to a Club 300 members-only event at the BC Liberal Biennial Convention
* Exclusive access to Club 300 events at BC Liberal Party activities
* Dispersed contributions throughout the year with a guaranteed tax receipt at year-end
* Complimentary membership renewal for current BC Liberal Party members
* Waived membership fees for new members of the BC Liberal Party
* Discounts on select BC Liberal Party events and activities
* And, the local constituency signing up the most Club 300 members by February 28th, 2010 will win a local event with Premier Campbell in 2010 - exclusive for their Club 300 members.

While you enjoy the benefits of the Club 300 program, your contribution helps advance the BC Liberal Party ideals.

Yes, I want to join Club 300 today!

The minimum membership level of $25 per month would allow us to communicate with British Columbians by:

* Mailing almost 3,000 brochures;
* Placing one-year of banner advertising inside a bus;
* Running three ads in the local newspaper; or
* Operating your BC Liberal candidate's website for four months!

Join me, and join Club 300 today!


Kelly Reichert
Executive Director, BC Liberal Party

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#1. Can Americans join?

#2a. How about an event w/ Mary Polak and the BCLib Air Force?

#2b. How about one w/ Sean Holman?

#2c. How about one w/ Christy Clark?

#2d. How about one w/ Iain Black, the star of 28 Oct. 2009 QP?

#2e. How about Mike Farnworth & Lana Popham to simulate the BC Legislature?

#2f. How many banks do I need to rob for all of 'em plus the Premier?

#3. Puns aside: Why the hell isn't this being done 4 EIBI funding?!? Or the BC Place roof in return for saving EIBI?!?

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