We know the New Democrats dislike the media but...

Today, the provincial New Democrats announced their bi-annual convention will start on November 27. The email then goes to encourage media to "register for the convention at the earliest opportunity" by following an Internet link. But, at publication time, following that link leads to a page that states: "Access denied...You are not authorized to access this page." The following is a complete copy of that email.


This year's convention to feature speakers with expertise in environment, economy and new media

VANCOUVER - The BC New Democratic Party will hold its bi-annual convention in Vancouver from Nov. 27 to 29. Party members from across British Columbia will be coming together to discuss policy, and help set direction for the party.

NDP leader Carole James will speak on Saturday morning.

What: 2009 BC NDP Convention

When: Friday, Nov. 27 at 5:00 pm until Sunday, Nov. 29 at 1:00 PM

Where: Westin Bayshore Ballroom, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

SPEAKERS: This year's convention will feature the following speakers: Jerome Ringo, President of the Apollo Alliance and Chairman of the National Wildlife Federation, and, Rahaf Harfoush, a Toronto-based new media strategist who was at the centre of the Obama campaign in 2008. Please refer to the attached sheet for information on speakers, or visit www.bcndp.ca/convention.

MEDIA REGISTRATION: Media are encouraged to register for the convention at the earliest opportunity so the required arrangements can be made. To register, please visit www.bcndp.ca/convention/media, or call the BC NDP at 604-430-8600.

To register upon arrival, please report to the registration desk where you'll receive your credentials and information materials. There's no cost for media registration.

If you are interested in securing accommodation at Westin Bayshore, please contact the hotel at your earliest to ensure availability.

-- 30 --

Media Contact: Michael Roy, 604-430-8600 local 254

BC NDP Convention Speakers

Jerome Ringo

Jerome Ringo is the chairman of the National Wildlife Federation in the US. Since becoming chairman of the board the in 2005, Ringo has sought to further the NWF's partnerships with other organizations, particularly those involved with combating ecological dangers in poor and minority neighborhoods. Jerome Ringo is also the president of the Apollo Alliance, an organization working to educate the public and lobby in Washington, D.C. about the need to invest in alternative energy, improve the competitiveness of American industry, rebuild cities, create good jobs, and ensure good stewardship of the economy and natural environment.

A former trade union leader and worker in the petrochemical industry, Ringo became concerned about the environmental and public health impact that refineries have on people living in adjacent communities. Eventually, Ringo left the industry to help educate people in communities affected by petrochemical pollution, teaching them how to effectively stop the discharge of chemicals into neighborhoods around refineries, land lobby politicians for tougher environmental standards. Jerome Ringo is a leader who will share his insights into how can unite our allies in labour, environmental, and community organizations into a powerful movement for change.

Rahaf Harfoush

Rahaf Harfoush is a Toronto-based social media strategist who helped to develop the most innovative, comprehensive and high-stakes social media campaign ever conceived. Based on her extraordinary experiences at Obama headquarters, she delivers a riveting behind-the-scenes look at his new media campaign, showing us how to use online technologies -- and the powerful ideas of community that animate them -- to out-think and out-distance the competition.

Rahaf recently published Yes We Did, a book about her work on the Obama campaign. She also appears frequently in the mainstream media, has spoken at Rotman School of Management, and studies various Net-related issues, including sustainable innovation, women and the Web, and the impact of technology on today's youth. She is a contributor to Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing Your World, and was the research coordinator for Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.

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Sean, there is no way the BCNDP can run a convention. Their t-shirts suck. They are obsessing over the wrong details for a losing team.

I can't believe the BCNDP doesn't like the media. I mean, come on, they got so many people especially in the CBC.

At least we have PublicEyeOnline and certainly CKNW.

Get over it, BCNDP. You lost. Your last election and this convention make you look like a 2nd-string team of a third world country playing against the Canadian Hockey Team with Wayne Gretsky instead of the USSR vs. Canada. Either grow up or forget about ever competing, much less winning against Gordon Campbell's dream teams!

Come on Sean, you can drum up more news that this item. And if a link doesn't work, try the telephone number right next to it.

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