Cat out of the bag, starts purring

Earlier, we were the first to tell you former provincial New Democrat cabinet minister Moe Sihota could run for the presidency of his party. Mr. Sihota hasn't responded to recent requests for comment by Public Eye. But, in an interview this morning with CFAX 1070's Joe Easingwood, Mr. Sihota said leader Carole James has "talked to me about helping out the NDP in a more formal role" - specifically as president. "I'm kind of thinking about that. It's clearly been discussed." But he hasn't accepted that offer.

The reason: "The scope of the job. I really don't want to go back and start working full-time. So that's really important to me in terms of maintaining some semblance of quality of life, having seen how political life can just kind of suck you in totally. I've got to make sure that the scope of responsibilities we're talking about are such that I won't be doing it on a full-time basis. That's probably the biggest issue."

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Congrats Sean!

Good to hear Moe is testing the waters... I wish him well in any event. Quite frankly, the BCLibs need to stop sleeping in easy chairs and start revving up :-).

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