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Last week, in an exclusive interview, retired RCMP staff sergeant Fred Pinnock said his integrated illegal gaming enforcement team should have been keeping tabs on what happens inside legal gaming facilities rather than just cracking down on illegal gaming outside those facilities. But that's not the only change he would have liked to have seen. "In my opinion, while gaming is administered on a provincial level, the organized crime reality attached to gaming or gambling suggests the illegal gaming enforcement team should have been part of the federal enforcement matrix - not the provincial one. Organized crime is cross-border. And senior organized crime groups, who are not confined to British Columbia, are active in multiple provinces. And I always held the position (the team) should not have been under our provincial commanders," said Mr. Pinnock, who added, "Gambling is like drug enforcement. It's like human smuggling. It's not confined to local jurisdictions. It needs to have attention paid from 30,000 feet."

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